Christchurch Chiropractors - We help you FEEL better FAST.


If you’re looking for a great and cost effective chiropractic service the we can offer the best service at the most competitive prices in the Christchurch area.

If you’re suffering from back pain we can help you feel better very quickly.

Depending on how the severity of your back pain and how long you have suffered with the pain, will depend on how many treatments you need.

However, often it is not unusual for patients to feel better immediately, even after just one treatment.

Once we have found what is causing the problem often through xray’s we provide the correct adjustment resulting in relief.

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We first like to sit down with you and get a clear understanding of your condition and what pain or discomfort it is causing so as to employ the right technique to correct your ailment.

We ask a serious of questions that are specifically designed to identify the root cause of your problem.

We sometimes find that by fixing the root cause of a condition often alleviates other conditions that may or may not seem related.

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